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Individual Credit Repair Program


Our credit repair program is the most effective program in the industry. Let me tell you why:

We address all 5 factors that influence the score, not just one!

  1. Payment History (we fight to eliminate all the late payments, collections judgments, BKs, Liens, Charge offs, etc.)
  2. Balances on Accounts (We offer unlimited Rapid Re-Score to update balances on accounts)
  3. Length of History (If the customer has a lack of credit history we will show them how to add seasoned trade lines)
  4. Types of Credit (If the customer has only one type of credit, we will show them how to add different credit without hurting their credit score)
  5. INQUIRIES (We have an inquiry removal program that can eliminate inquiries quickly)

Even if you have 700 credit scores, we can remove inquiries and get above a 720.

Even if you have 500 credit scores, we can remove bad credit and provide credit strategy that will help get the scores up as much as possible.

Even if you only have a few days to get the credit scores up, we can rapid re-score some accounts and get 15-25 points per account within 5-7 business days.

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