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I have such fantasitc news! I am so grateful to you for your services. It looks like our dream of buying our next home is being realized!!! Checked credit this morning and with your awesome work it is now up to 668-694-685!!!! As you know from where we started at 580 that is enough to secure our loan. the seller accepted our offer at less than what we wanted and we are signing a contract tonight. I swear if you were not on the west coast and I on the east I would come over there and hug you!
many many thanks,
Beth and Joao

On May 6, 2014 I closed on my new house.

Ironically I started the credit repair process to improve my mortgage rate, but ended up moving so fast my rate of 4.875% was based on my credit score in the 600's rather than the recently improved 761.

Anywho, I'm glad for the process and the help getting rid of those unknown collections. Without your help I probably would have just paid whatever was listed to make them go away without realizing that would be worse for my credit.

But I wanted to thank you for your help so far, I know there is a little more to do with at least one collection on TransUnion only and probably some other things you're working on too that I'm not keeping tabs on.

So here is my new mailing address if you need it, and if you want to remove all others from my credit reports.

Thanks, David Kephart

Thanks to the work you guys did the past month I've been able to get approved for a new Townhouse that I will be moving into soon, and I refinanced my car and got the payment from $596/month to $236 :)

The both luckily pulled experian which now has around a 685 score.Transunion still needs a deal of work, that bureau is stubborn :)

I had a coupe of new credit inquiries over the past month that probably gave my score a hit by a couple points, but I should now be done for a while with new inquiries. IRS added a tax line that has been in the works fro about 4 months.I am 100% current with my monthly payments to them, but because of the balance they said they had to add it. Hopefully we can get that off, but its probably way too new. Doesn't seem to have effected my score too much.

Thanks again! Jeff
I wanted to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. It is cool to see our scores come up so rapidly. So we wanted to know our next step or are we still waiting...
Thanks, Tim Clark

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